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-Photo Credits-
Mary Dougherty
Thomas Martindale
Mark Michel
David Peterson
Laura Steryous
and numerous Facebook friends

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Our bride!
'Beth Hackleman' enjoys last meal
Bettina coordinates
Making it look so easy!
Ushers at work
Glorious flowers
Rising anticipation
We hear Paul Miller's trumpet
The Procession
Ready for the first 'I do!'
Solemn Occasion
Reading From Revelation 19
Children's choir sounds forth
The white gown
God created marriage
Can't misplace this ring!
Before God and these witnesses
'Seek Ye First'
Guest book and Bible
Ready for guests, food, music...
[Polite] feeding frenzy
Patience... a virtue
This is for you
Divine melody
Friends of the bride
Smile at which camera?
Ready for the bouquet toss?
Elegantly decorated reception hall
Classy Caddy at the ready
Nobody said there'd be birdseed
Let's go, Ben!
Mark captures the moment
Soft landing
Mary's got you covered
Overcome by seeds of emotion
Just a few stray birdseed
God's given us a beautiful day
One of Mary's best
Ready for placement of chairs/umbrellas
What kind of picnic is this?
Shady spot for a cool drink
Enough to go around?
Long time, no see!
Great seeing Brenda and Mark
Rebecca's floral spectacular
Entertaining the kids
No tail in this 'pin on' game
Mr. and Mrs. Potts with a friend
Enjoying every minute
Let's do this again!
Perfect occasion
Ready for the send off
Sparklers for everyone
Lights, camera...
Here they come!
Mary captures the scene
The twilight's last gleaming
Every heart bursting with joy!
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