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Memorial to Prof. J. C. Hackleman
Jay Courtland Hackleman, 1888-1970Jay Courtland Hackleman
Professor Jay Courtland (J. C. - Hack) Hackleman died unexpectedly April 15, 1970, in Urbana, Illinois. In his passing agriculture and society lost a man, who by his presence and action, left things better than they were when he arrived.
Professor Hackleman was born on a farm near Carthage, Indiana, June 24, 1888.  He graduated from Carthage High School in 1906, from Purdue University with a B. S. degree in 1910, and received his M. S. degree from the University of Missouri in 1912.
As an undergraduate at Purdue University, he was President of the Agriculture Society, Editor of the Purdue Daily Exponent, Organization Editor of the Purdue Yearbook, and President of the Emersonian Literary Society.
From Purdue, Professor Hackleman went to the University of Missouri where he served as instructor in Farm Crops from 1910 to 1917 and as Assistant Professor of Crops Extension form 1917 to 1919.  He was Secretary and Treasurer of the Missouri Corn Grower's Association from 1914 to 1919.
While at the University of Missouri, he married Lorraine Gans, July 24, 1912, who survives him in death. Other survivors include: sons, Russell of Fort Worth, Texas, and Kent of Houston, Texas; a daughter, Ruth Ellen Woods, Lubbock, Texas; two brothers, W. D. Hackleman, Hendersonville, North Carolina, and Richard Hackleman, St. Petersburg, Florida; and nine grandchildren.
In 1919 Professor Hackleman came to the University of Illinois, Department of Agronomy, as Assistant Professor in charge of Crops Extension. He was made Professor in 1923, and served as Crops Extension Specialist in the Department of Agronomy until his retirement, September, 1956.
During these 37 years, “Hack” earned a reputation and the respect -- attained by few - as an educator among farmers and agri-business leaders in Illinois.
Few people are far enough removed from agriculture to not have heard about soybeans, the Cinderella crop of the 20th Century. Professor Hackleman's enthusiasm, ability to instill confidence in and motivate others was a major factor in the establishment of Illinois as the leader in the production of soybeans.
Hack was a founder of the American Soybean Association.  He served this organization as a member of the Board of Directors and as President. He was elected an Honorary Member in 1947 and was presented a Special Service Award in 1969.  He also participated in the organization of the Land of Lincoln Soybean Association in Illinois.
Professor Hackleman was a pioneer in seed certification. He organized the Illinois Crop Improvement Association and served as its Secretary-Treasurer for 15 years, after which he was Chairman of the College of Agriculture Advisory Committee to the Association. He was made an Honorary Member of the Illinois Crop Improvement Association in 1955.
He participated in the organizational meeting of the International Crop Improvement Association which is an organization of seed certification agencies in Canada and the United States. He served this organization as a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, as Secretary-Treasurer, and as President. He was elected an Honorary Member in 1955, and in 1969 he was presented the Special Service Award.
Professor Hackleman was active in the American Society of Agronomy and was elected a Fellow in 1950.
The list of Professor Hackleman's friends was extremely long, and, because he had traveled extensively, included people from all over the United States and many foreign countries. He had judged grain shows in Canada as well as in the United States. He had served as Crop Production Specialist for the Mutual Security Agency in Europe in 1952-1953. He is remembered by many from other countries who have visited the United States and Illinois since World War II, seeking information relative to crop improvement and seed certification.
In 1965 the Indiana Crop Improvement Association awarded Hack the Soils and Crops Award. He was the first and only nonresident to be honored with this award.
The Illinois Department of Agriculture presented Professor Hackleman a Certificate of Appreciation in January of 1971. The certificate signed by the Governor and the Director of Agriculture recognized the outstanding contributions of Professor Hackleman to Illinois agriculture.
These honors illustrate the great respect and love of J. C. Hackleman's colleagues and friends.
The Committee
W. O. Scott, Chairman
W. M. Bever
A. L. Lang
W. M. Keith
F. R. Steggerda
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